Term 4: Organise School Photos and Artwork Like A Pro

Piles Of School Stuff For Children

Yep, Term 4 is well and truly here!  We are so close to the end of the school year which means it’s getting close to 'that' time of year again… you know, when your little munchkin brings home a beautiful big bundle of ‘stuff’ – artwork, science projects, writing samples, posters the list goes on and on.

I think every parent cringes when they see this ‘school stuff’. Equal parts filled with joy at the creations and yet overwhelmed with the thought of finding a spot to keep these treasures.

School Memories Book Class Photos OrganisedWe’ve created the ideal solution to your angst – The My School Yearbook. It has been cleverly designed to store all those mementos that would otherwise end up in a cardboard box at the back of the cupboard. Each page of the book has been designed as a pocket – the perfect place to file away precious artwork, report cards, certificates and any other bits and bobs to keep them safe forever. To make sure you don’t miss a year, The My School Yearbook covers Kindy right through to Year 12 including Graduation and Formal. Each year has it’s own individual page to record highlights to remember forever. It even has a spot to keep track of how many teeth your child has lost!  

Personally, I think the best part of this school memories book is it gives you a place to properly store your child’s class photo. Hands up who still has this years’ photo, sitting in that lovely cardboard envelope from the photographer, on a shelf in a cupboard somewhere? Well here’s a chance for you to place it in the perfect spot, not just this year, but every year for the rest of their schooling. And don't worry, the space to stick the class photo is really generous.... we made it extra large so even large school photos will fit.

Memory School Album Children

Although my eldest is only in year 3, already my girls love to look back through their books and relive the memories of their first few years. One of the highlights is always looking back at the class photos and exclaiming how much everyone has changed in a few short years. My School Yearbook is available now. You can get your copy here and finish the end of the school year knowing you finally have somewhere to store all your child's school papers, artwork and more!


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