My School Yearbook – A Gift for this Christmas and Every Year to Come

Primary School Kids Memories BookI hate to break it to you, but Christmas is almost upon us. In my house I am already fielding requests for Santa, discussing where the tree will go and planning what gifts to buy friends and family. But with all the joy and excitement, I’m finding it accompanied by increasing feelings of Christmas shopping anxiety.

Expressing love for those in our lives by giving thoughtful gifts is what Christmas is all about. We are all searching for the perfect present this holiday season. One that brings long lasting pleasure. Unfortunately, the reality is that all too often, once the wrapping is removed and the Christmas festivities pass, that oh so perfect present can lose its lustre.  So often they just don’t go the distance. Kids grow out of toys. People lose interest in games. Socks get holes. Your carefully selected gift will soon move to the shelf and start gathering dust. 

I’m thinking about all of this and my anxiety continues to increase.

But good news! I’ve found it! I’ve found a great gift solution to last the test of time.  My School Yearbook ticks all the boxes for a fun and unique Christmas gift that will continue to bring joy long after the celebration ends.

Ideal for children moving on to school

What a great way to harness the growing excitement of the holidays coming to an end for that little person in your life getting ready to start school! My School Yearbook can be used from day one as a creative storage solution for all the memories of school that await.

A perfect present for parents

What parent wouldn’t want an easy, compact option to help organise those school records? We all know parents who put themselves second, who rarely buy beautiful tools to make their lives easier. They settle for basic function but deserve so much more. This is a stylish, bright and unique book for a parent to use as their child grows - and it doesn’t take up too much space which is always a win!

Memories Book First Day School

Already at school? No Worries!

Who’s to say you need to own your My School Yearbook from the commencement of your schooling? Everyone has a pile of school treasures and photos longing for organisation. You can help a loved one bring those memories out of the wardrobe. It’s unisex in design and changes in style to meet the needs of your maturing child.

Literally lasts a lifetime

It’s so refreshing to see a business really care about producing a high-quality product. My School Yearbook is crafted from thick card stock and has a sturdy spiral binder.  It’s durability, even with frequent use, safeguards its contents for decades to come. In gifting this book you ensure it a lifetime of use.

It just keeps giving

Selfishly, it’s really cool to know that my gift will be a keystone in a person’s life. Every year students will take pleasure in recording their school memories, photos and milestones. Once school is over, owners will love getting their book out and going back through it all… even hopefully one day with their own children! And it will be all thanks to you.

So let the gift buying stress stop here! Don’t just consume for the sake of it in the lead up to Christmas. Walk past the chocolates! You have found the perfect present, and it’s guaranteed to not end up in next year’s garage sale.  It will bring a lifetime of joy to those you love.

My School Yearbook truly is a creative and unique Christmas gift, deserving of a place under the Christmas trees this year.

Alison Chua

Guest Author for The Sunny Pineapple

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