3 Ways to Display School Photos

The end of the school holidays is drawing near and we are headed fast towards the start of Term One! This holiday period has really flown in our household!  And somehow, although it seems unbelievable, my little boy is about to start school and I am about to become a school mum.  It really does feel like just yesterday he was a tiny bundle starting out in the world and now... school?? I was cool as a cucumber about him starting school at the kinder-school transition days last year but now, just the thought of it makes me emotional!  It is such a milestone when your eldest starts school isn't it? (I imagine kind of how when your youngest starts school it signifies the end of something and the start of something new too. Thank goodness that's not happening yet - I seriously could not deal).

In the fleeting moments between playdates, Christmas fun and quality time at home, I had a thought to share my top 3 ideas to store school photos.  This is not just for the newbie school mums like me, but for the mums and dads who have been doing this school thing for a while, and are looking for a solution to store all their kids school photos to treasure forever.  

So here it is, my top 3 ways to store school photos.

School Years Photo Frame

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1.  School Years Photo Frame for the Wall

This is for those families who enjoy seeing the photos every day and have spare space on the wall!  I only moved into my house a year ago and I haven’t filled every wall yet, so this one is a good one for me!  Also, I love the option of having photos both in an album and on the wall! Of course you can get lots of different photo frames to display around your house, but I have found a really cool product that I know you are going to love because it’s been made specifically to display school photos. And it’s Australian Made!  Check out these awesome photo frames from School Years Photo Frames. Pictured here is the Medium size School Years Frame in Oak. It comes in White and Black as well and in the small and Large size too depending on what space you have to hang it up. So for $65.00 you can have the individual class photo (wallet size) displayed each year like this. So cute! There are a range of variations for you to choose from. If you prefer to use the larger size photo (5” x 7”) there is a frame for that or if you want to display a couple of kids in the same frame, they have that option too. Head here to check out the full range of their School Years Photo Frames.

School Years Primary School Graduation Page

2.  School Memories Book

My School Yearbook, a keepsake school memories book really is a great spot to store school photos.  You have a full page, each year, to display the class photo. It’s been specially designed for even oversize class photos with the page measuring approximately A3. As an added bonus, there is space for the individual photo too, on the Record side of the book.  Win win! Trust me when I say, you will be blown away by the size of our book 😊 

It’s perfect to store safely on the shelf while you’re not using it and then add to it when you have the new class photo and items to pop into the storage pockets. My little boy is just about to finish his Kinder year (we are in Victoria, so this is the year before he starts school).  I’ve got his class photo ready and we plan to spend a little time over the holidays to fill out his Kinder page with the prompts about his year.  

When I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, all year long he has consistently said ‘A sea rescue diver’. It suits him perfectly right now but as he grows, I am sure this little dream will change many times and I love that I have a space to record this memory.  Because let’s be honest, my memory just isn’t what it used to be. I used to be able to recall every single kid from every class I’ve ever been in and what things they wore etc and now I’m flat out remembering my plan for the day! Check out My School Yearbook here.


Snapfish Photo Book School Years

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3.  Photo Book

The photo book option isn’t a new one, but a good one for those of us who enjoy sitting down and compiling things ourselves and enjoy choosing the design and layout.  This option appeals to me, but I have NEVER actually put together a photo book despite my intentions. It’s just too many decisions to make and I never seem to be able to complete it in one sitting, so it just never gets finished.  Plus, my photos are in so many different places. Some are in the cloud, some on my laptop, some on the file share, some on my phone, some on my husband’s phone…. it’s just too daunting to get them all in the one place to have the full collection to choose from for the book.  But I know some of you are super organised and already have all your photos together and ready to choose from. You are the sort of parent I look up to and wish I could be more like. You are 100% ready to tackle this task. 

Amanda, the clever clogs who designed My School Yearbook, is a whiz with organising her photos, plus she knows how to make stuff actually look nice lol! She uses Snapfish for all sorts of things… photo books, calendars etc for the fam bam.  You could easily create a very detailed current school year photo book using this sort of design above.  Her hot tip after years of making different books is to head to Snapfish's discount code page to make use of the bargains on offer there.

Hopefully you find these ideas useful as you do a final tidy up and Marie Kondo like sesh organising the house before the start of Term 1! 

All the best for the final stretch of the school holidays!


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